Equal Sound's Corona Relief Projects and Efforts

Equal Sound has launched a large number of projects and efforts in a very short time to respond as quickly and effectively as possible to the unprecedented needs in our community as a result of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

We are using this page as a single listing of everything that we are up to. Scroll down for a listing of ways you can receive help from our Corona Relief Fund or help us provide support to suddenly-unemployed musicians.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We are in this with you.

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Donate directly to the General Operating Fund

Equal Sound exists to support musicians. Your unrestricted gift allows us to support musicians through our programs such as New Classic LA. Thank you for considering a donation!
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Helpful Resources

We are certainly not the only organization mobilizing to address a worldwide crisis. There are many resources available to people in many different situations. When we hear about one that seems legit, we put a link on this page.
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Request Financial Assistance from the Corona Relief Fund

If you are a musician who has had a gig cancelled, please visit this page to request assistance from the Corona Relief Fund.
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Donate to our Patreon campaign, and help us support local bands in LA

Support our staff salaries by joining our Patreon campaign

100% of the money in the Corona Relief Fund goes to people who have requested financial assistance from the Corona Relief Fund. Running this program is a full time job, though. Join our Patreon to help pay our staff.
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Volunteer for Equal Sound

Looking to use your skills to make an impact? Volunteer with Equal Sound.
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