About Equal Sound

Equal Sound strives to introduce listeners to new music by breaking down the traditional confines of musical genres. As advocates for “classical” music, Equal Sound is dedicated to the idea that all music is created equal. Equal Sound curates experiences that illuminate the threads between classical music and other genres to attract and engage new audiences from all musical worlds.

Equal Sound began presenting concerts originating from the idea that all forms of music deserve equal consideration and attention.

Since the organization's inception in 2015, founding directors Nick Norton and Andrew Glick were uniquely matched to collaboratively bring the music they found most exciting to a wider audience; both artists shared a belief that any music can be made relatable through high quality, thoughtful production, and that audiences would engage with a variety of genres if presented in a thoughtful way through programming, environment, price, and marketing standpoints.

Their first event together, in 2015, featured the live premiere of M83’s ambient record, Digital Shades [vol. 1]. This Brian Eno-inspired work had its debut in a sold-out performance, arranged for string ensemble, electronics, and voice. 

Building on the success of Digital Shades, Equal Sound continued to develop programming with the idea of presenting music from seemingly disparate genres on the same program, including collaboration with avant-garde saxophone quartet Battle Trance, hybrid music and fashion group Nouveau Classical Project, and interdisciplinary vocalist and contemporary composer Odeya Nini.

After transitioning to a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2018, Equal Sound found a regular home at Art Share LA, presenting a season of performances with artists including HOCKET, Battery, Dustin Wong, Booker Stardrum, Mildred, Madeline Falcone, Isaac Schankler, The Furies, The Octopod, Isaura String Quartet, Blood Oath, and Diana Wade— and rather a lot of very good beer from local breweries supporting these events.

Equal Sound has remained dedicated to the mission of introducing listeners to new music by breaking down the traditional confines of musical genres. The organization has also expanded to include community support through music blog and concert calendar New Classic LA and the Corona Relief Fund, providing financial support to musicians in need due to the COVID-19 crisis.

As the organization continues to grow, navigating the current transition from in-person concerts to archival and streaming events, Equal Sound maintains our continued commitment to bringing together and supporting our musical communities.