Request Financial Assistance from the Corona Relief Fund

If you are a US-based musician who has lost income due to a cancelled gig as a result of the Coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak, please fill out the form below to apply to receive support from Equal Sound’s Corona Relief Fund.


Confirm your personal information. Please make sure the address listed is your up-to-date mailing address. If your address has changed by the time we are emailing you about your grant, please reply with your new address.

Upload evidence that you had this gig confirmed and then canceled in a single PDF (more info in the form below)

Upload your W9 in a single PDF.

Keep an eye on your inbox. (Please understand that we have received thousands of applications and are moving as fast as we can to pay out as many people as we can. This may take a while. If you are concerned that you have missed an email from us, don’t worry, we follow-up with every recipient if we have not heard back from them.)

If you have a question, direct it to or read our FAQ here.


Currently, we are only paying out US-based musicians. If you are a musician in need from another country, please feel free to apply anyway and we can put you on a waitlist for if/when we can expand the CRF to other countries.

We are prioritizing first cancellations before we move to second and further cancellations. You can submit those now if you wish, but we prefer that you wait until you’ve received a payment to apply for another canceled gig. Multiple gig submissions will all be added to a waiting list that will be addressed once we fulfill our commitment to all first cancellations.