Project Sponsorship

In pursuit of our mission to illuminate the threads between musical worlds and introduce listeners to new music, Equal Sound is piloting a program to offer fiscal sponsorship to projects seeking to raise money.

To put it simply, we want to help musicians create what musicians want to create. We have 501(c)3 status, and most artists trying to fund an album or a tour or a production don't.

It's pretty easy for us to collect and distribute donations to artists and make it all tax-deductible for donors, so we figured we should. And with our extremely low overhead we can take fees as low as 2% to cover our administrative costs.

If you are have a project and would like to discuss sponsorship possibilities, please contact

Our Sponsored Projects

Corona Relief Fund

The Equal Sound Corona Relief Fund was set up on short notice to provide direct financial assistance to musicians who have lost work as a result of Corona-related event cancellations. We're figuring this one out as we go.
Equal Sound Corona Relief Fund flier with stolen background art

Building the Chase Bliss Blooper

Chase Bliss Audio is building a new pedal for creative electronic music and looping called The Blooper. This is going to enable all sorts of artists to do all sorts of the things that Equal Sound's mission supports. Trouble is that to break even the pedal has to have a $500 price tag. That's tough for artists, so Equal Sound is throwing in our 501c3 weight to help get these wonderful creative machines into musicians' hands.
Chase Bliss Blooper

Diana Wade Record Project: Complete Hindemith Viola Sonatas

Recording the seven viola sonatas of Paul Hindemith is like running the ultimate viola gauntlet. Not one to shy away from extreme projects (Berio Sequenza, a 12 hour performance of 2 minutes from Marriage of Figaro), Diana Wade has been dreaming of recording these works since the first time she heard one of them live. Over the next six months, Diana and pianist Aron Kallay will be recording the seven sonatas. The Villa Aurora has provided generous assistance including a beautiful recording venue, but we need YOUR help to close the gap and appreciate your support!