Instructions for setting up your own campaign for the Corona Relief Fund

You are going to create a campaign on our website. When the campaign is created, you’ll have a link to it to give to your donors, whomever they may be. You will be able to log in and track donations and make edits to your campaign, and it will be easy for us to credit them as coming in via you.

Go to If you do not have an account on our site, there will be some instructions there to register first. If you don’t do this first, it will automatically direct you to register when you try to submit the campaign.

Fill out the form on the create-a-campaign page. You can set donation levels, put in some text, and add your picture or a picture. If you do not have one to use, it will default to the Equal Sound Corona Fund image we made. FOR THE MOMENT, put your text in “short description” and fill out the other fields as you see fit.

We will receive a notification, take a quick look, and in all likelihood approve your campaign almost immediately. Just want to make sure we’re not getting trolled or hacked, otherwise we’d make approval automatic.

Once your campaign is live, go to to manage it, view donations, and make updates. To get your link to share, click on the name of your campaign, then copy/paste it from the address bar. The link should look something like this:

Right now, the campaign pages are a little ugly. We’ll make them prettier and have some ways to add your branding later (like, within the next few days). We just needed to get this in place ASAP.

On the “my campaigns” page, you can export a CSV of your donors. Financial or sensitive info will be hidden, but you’ll at least get their emails and donation amounts so you can thank them. Anonymous donors will be left off of this CSV. Again, we are going to smooth this out a little more in the coming days. We have an HR person guiding us on this front now!

To change or edit your own account info (login, contact info, etc), visit

Please tag us on social media when you share things.

We will continue to update these instructions as we flesh the system out, but it is fully secure and everything is being tracked correctly, which was our first priority. If you have any trouble, send questions to