Equal Sound Corona Relief Fund

Equal Sound Corona Relief Fund flier with stolen background art

An Equal Sound charitable campaign by:

Nick Norton

Music maker. Composer of social situations. Artistic director of Equal Sound.

734 people, working together, have raised
$55,189.43 for this campaign.

"A lot of musicians are hurting from work lost due to cancelled events and cancelled contracts as a result of the coronavirus / Covid-19 outbreak. As a nonprofit, Equal Sound can collect tax deductible donations to pass on to musicians in need." That's what I thought on Thursday, March 12, on my drive home from work. By the end of Friday, March 13, I realized we were going to have to hire a team. I'm grateful. I don't have the right words for it because if words were sufficient I wouldn't have to write music. This whole website is now more or less about the Corona Relief Fund in one way or another, and running this project has become a full time job. Have a look around and you can find all sorts of useful info. Or, scroll down a little and help us help each other. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. In this with you, Nick
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