Equal Sound is pleased to be able to present concerts with low enough ticket prices to make music accessible to all listeners. To keep ticket prices down and enable us to do more ambitious projects, we rely on the support of our friends and community members.

Your generous donation will be used to ensure we can pay artists fairly and also cover our production and staff costs (such as live sound equipment, facility rentals, live engineers, and so forth).

There are a few ways that you, too, can contribute!


No matter how you slice it, putting on concerts is a lot of work. We regularly need volunteers to help out with things like set up, box office, putting out chairs, pouring drinks, running to the store to get an XLR to quarter inch adapter...the list goes on.

For the most part, volunteers can expect to see most of the shows they are working on, and get to meet friendly people who make music, and give back to the community. Plus volunteering couldn't hurt as a resumé builder.

To get on our volunteer list, email and put "volunteer" somewhere in the subject line.

Amazon Smile

This one is crazy easy, and really does add up. When you're going to shop on Amazon, click this link first! Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase to Equal Sound.

You can also go directly to to get set up. You'll see the Amazon header change to say "Amazon Smile" instead of the normal one if it worked.

Theoretically you only have to do this once and then just remember to go to instead of the normal site before shopping, and Amazon says that one of these days you won't even have to do that anymore. Cool!

This is the big one. You can really help us in our pursuits by making a donation using the form below. Equal Sound, Inc., is a registered 501c3, and your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

If you have any questions or would like to make on offline donation, just send a message to executive director Nick Norton at

The form below is for donations to our general fund. To make donations to specific programs, please visit those programs' pages.

Thank you!

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