Nouveau Classical Project & Odeya Nini

February 7, 2018
8:00 pm
Art Share L.A.

"Leading this unlikely intersection of classical music and fashion..." - THE NEW YORK TIMES

"...bringing a refreshing edge to the widely conservative genre...NCP's work makes a stage for finding nuance in rigid categories." - VICE

Nouveau Classical Project & Odeya Nini, presented by Equal Sound at Art Share LA.


Odeya NINI: A Solo Voice

Olga BELL: Zero Initiative
Marine KIFFERSTEIN: Missa Prolationum, on a theme by Johannes Ockeghem
Gabrielle HERBST: Where is my voice
Isaac SCHANKLER: Artifacts


The Nouveau Classical Project

The Nouveau Classical Project is a New York-based contemporary classical music ensemble. Their mission is to engage new audiences by integrating music with other arts disciplines and to show that classical music is a living, breathing art form. On February 7, Equal Sound presents The Nouveau Classical Project's first Los Angeles concert, "Currents." Currents features music composed for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and electronics commissioned by NCP.

Odeya Nini

Odeya Nini is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary vocalist and contemporary composer. Her solo vocal work extends the dimension and expression of the voice and body, creating a sonic and physical panorama of silence to noise and tenderness to grandeur. Odeya has collaborated extensively with dancers, visual artists, filmmakers and theater directors as both a composer and soloist and has worked with and appeared in works by artists and ensembles such as Meredith Monk, Butch Morris, Lucy & Jorge Orta, wild Up and The Industry. Her work has been presented at venues and festivals across the US and internationally, such as Resonant Bodies Festival, The Hammer Museum, REDCAT, The Kitchen, MONA and Art Basel Miami, from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, Australia, Mongolia, Madagascar and Vietnam.