Surround sounds (2)

Equal Sound LA is hosting our very first livestream event called Surround Sounds for musicians across the nation to perform, give feedback to works-in-progress, discuss the challenges of being a performing musician in a no-touch world, and more in a tight-knit community of artists online and we want to invite you to join us! This evolving digital salon grows from the needs of our community to get connected with one another as COVID overstays its welcome, and to exist musically with each other in as real-time as we can get. We'll be selecting up to three sound-makers to bring their work each time. This isn't meant to be another screen screaming meeting; we're currently craving casual, so bring your own chai and get comfy in that old recliner! Invite your friends and RSVP below.

RSVP for Surround Sounds

Interested in performing? Click here.