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Putting on concerts is expensive. Helping artists get paid fairly is a part of our mission; unfortunately, in most cases ticket sales alone don't cover both production expenses and a reasonable paycheck for the people on stage. (That's why venues sell drinks and bands sell merchandise.)

Thankfully there's a solution: your support! We're registered as a 501(c)3 so we can accept tax deductible donations, and when it comes to budgeting for our programs, there's nothing better than stable monthly income. Your generous monthly donation will be used to ensure we can pay artists fairly and also cover our production and staff costs (such as live sound equipment, facility rentals, live engineers, and so forth).

So we've come up with The Guest List. It's a monthly donation club that you can join for as little as $5 a month. Being a member gets you perks like early access to tickets, free drinks, and T shirts. Plus you get to feel good about giving to a good cause. Cool.

The absolute best way to help Equal Sound grow, continue to do great events, and continue to pay artists fairly is to come to shows and bring your friends. What, you thought we'd rather have your money than your ears? Come on, that's not us. But the second best way is to join The Guest List.

Won't you?

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