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ben behind bass

Ben Finley

Ben Finley is a performer-composer specializing in acoustic bass and electric bass (in multiple tunings and with effects). He grew up on a music festival farm, witnessing many ecosystems of music making. The seeds of co-creative agency were sewn; Ben aims to cultivate music that embraces the unique individual life experiences of its participants. This often manifests through improvisation, text, the human voice, electro-acoustic worlds, learning from the biosphere, and exploring multi-stylistic compositional frameworks. Ben founded and facilitates the Westben Centre for Connection & Creativity’s international/multi-generational Performer-Composer Residency. He is a graduate of the Performer-Composer program at CalArts, and is a current PhD candidate of Critical Studies in Improvisation at the University of Guelph, studying music festivals as sites of environmental and existential stewardship.

Genevieve MacPhee

Genevieve MacPhee is a singer-songwriter from Detroit, MI. At 22 years old, she has been playing guitar and writing music for almost 10 years. Her biggest influences have been female writers, Sheryl Crow and Taylor Swift, who she believes have made an inspiring impact on the music industry. Her personal style of music falls somewhere between acoustic pop and singer-songwriter, having an acoustic sound in her 2016 debut EP Some Girl and expanding upon that in newer singles. She plans to release two new tunes this winter. "There’s something really special about the poetry of capturing a moment or expressing yourself that made me fall in love with writing songs." Follow her on instagram @genmac!

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annais linares

annais is a musician and multimedia social practice artist interested in working alongside under-served communities and communities of color in imagining and engaging ideas of collective future realities through sound and movement. her most recent pursuits have been developing sound and body exploration classes in her Coachella Valley (California) hometown and pursuing an MA in Critical Studies for Improvisation at the University of Guelph. she looks forward to helping build a collective future full of intention and imagination through art-making, improvising, and socially gathering in the new age. follow her if you're so inclined on instagram @ixeen_!